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Apr 27, 2013 5:30am PDT
the operations that the chilean navy had undertaken for helping out their citizens. we have a panel here today, we actually have two panels we're going to roll through. one is stories from the field, if you will, people's experiences in working in international environments to help promote humanitarian missions. fleet week got involved with a humanitarian mission back in october in the earthquake in van, turkey. there's a heavy kurdish in san francisco and the ... better recover from their event and how to better prepare in the future from the katz traufk event that had taken place would not occur. we got a phone call at the fleet week association to ask if we could help bring together some resources and leet a fact-finding mission and we did that. one of our panelists is up here, second from your left, rob dudgeon, he's with the department of emergency management and he's the director of emergency services. rob's organization has been instrumental in creating the program that we have from back in 2010 all the way through to today and i know in the future we're already talking about puttin
Apr 6, 2013 5:00am PDT
the navy's expedition training group. while deployed in 2004, he spearheaded maritime patrol relief efforts toing the 2004 indian ocean tsunami, as well as numerous theater cooperation efforts throughout the pacific and in 2009 captain napolitano reported as commanding officer of the expeditionary training group. this is a fabulous panel and i know you're going to appreciate what they have to say. rear admiral, i think you'll start. >> first of all on behalf of the chilean navy i would like to thank so much to san francisco fleet week, particularly to admiral gary roughhead for being invited to participate in this senior seminar. it's a privilege for me to be here and to share with you the experience that we had just during and after the earthquake that we had in chile in february 27, 2010. most of the lessons learned that i'm going to show here to you is part of your concern and i'm very glad you are taking that in account so i think you are absolutely in the right path. anyway, it's a massive event that you always have to work a lot in order to be prepared. i'm going to
Apr 9, 2013 7:30am EDT
annapolis, md., has been the training ground for the officers that served in the navy and marine corps. we will introduce you to some of the key players at the naval academy and discuss the role of the navy in america's 21st century warfare. joining us from the center is the individual who oversees the academy, vice admiral michael miller, the superintendent. thank you for allowing us into the academy. guest: thank you so much. it is a pleasure to have you invited here. i wish you could see it, it is beautiful on the banks of the river. host: it is a picture-perfect day here in washington, d.c. as well, spring finally arrived. founded in 1845, you have seen a lot of changes in the last 50 years. what is your mission? guest: producing ethical career of serve a naval service. we mold them into the future leaders. not just the navy and marine corps, but serving the nation. host: we have a look at the budget for the naval academy. $139 billion. numbers,ok at these breakdown where the money goes. how are you funded? guest: we are funded from appropriated dollars from the congress. it is much mo
Apr 6, 2013 4:30am PDT
why, i said, i think, well, because we have the best damn navy in the world. this was not an extravagant or hyper bolic statement t. was simply a statement of fact. it was a fact that not only i knew. it was a fact which other nations understood. even one carrier battle group had more military fire power than any other nation's entire navy, and we had two of them on the way to taiwan. so, i was confident that no one was going to challenge the fleet that we were sending there. this -- and in fact, they did not challenge it even before our two carrier battle ships arrived in taiwan, the crisis was over and the maneuvers had been subsided. this positive result was possible because of the military capability of our navy and because both carrier battle groups were battle ready and able to steam towards their destination in less than 24 hours. so, why were we able to respond so effectively? certainly one important reason, because the technology in our ships was the best in the world. the results are true, that the training and the spirit of our sailors was superb.
Apr 27, 2013 5:00am PDT
a great addition to the already exciting opportunity to see the navy and our armed forces at work. some of you may be wondering exactly why am i here, what's a ranger doing up here during fleet week. i'll try to explain that a little bit. this is our 40th anniversary of having a national park in san francisco. so, those strikev lands at the golden gate hills right behind that helicopter there are now part of the golden gate national parks. and that happened 40 years ago when the army decided that those lands were no longer necessary for national defense. so, that strategic entrance to this harbor was the last land that our troops and sailors and marines and soldiers would see if they departed for the pacific theater in world war ii and korea and vietnam, and also the first thing they would see upon returning back to the bay area. so, between the presidio and the head lands, we now have wonderful park lands that have been converted. we call it converting from post to park. repurposing those lands from national defense to environmental defense. and i believe it is probably the most access
Apr 6, 2013 6:30am PDT
as the command control because what we have here in the marine corps is similar to the navy. we have the installation, the regional installation command and also partners with the operational foresite. we allow the operational foresight, we maintain those but then we coordinate, cooperate, with the operational foresight once the call comes in for support. so we're able to do that obviously through memorandum of understandings and we have agreements and our wing operating orders allow for the fact the operational control, at least under operational response, maintains with the operators. the third aircraft wing maintains operational control but we send our operatives out to be controlled by the civic sight. we're comfortable with that and that's matured a lot in the last couple years. >> talked a lot about command and control and agreements and moving resources. one other question that came up yesterday we were discussing yesterday is how do communications occur specifically with regard to when we start talking about air ops and moving air resources around, how do we ensure that
Apr 9, 2013 5:00pm PDT
is up in the air. the navy announced it's grounding the blue angels because of mandatory budget cuts. ken is live in the city with how much we stand to lose here. >> reporter: the navy notified the city that the blue angels will not fly over san francisco this week. fleet week itself is in danger of cancellation. to many people the blue angels are the greatest show. the navy announced it's grounding them because of mandatory budget cuts because of sequestration. >> it was a good show of the american military. >> reporter: the navy is canceling their shows nationwide. the angels are going to be here october 12 and 13. ktvu spoke the the spokes woman. >> it can be no cost to the government. that unfortunately mean it is blue angels will no longer be allowed to fly. >> are the navy doesn't plan to >> doc: battle ships either. the mayor's office says they're meeting with fleet weaker nicers to see what can be salvaged. >> it's a great chance to attract
Apr 21, 2013 8:00pm EDT
warplane that is to be used by the air force, navy, and the marine corps. it is the replacement for the f-16. our new advanced all-purpose fighter jets. it was a plane that was supposed to be in the skies. it is still in development, is an incredibly troubled program, it has gone tens of billions of dollars over budget. i borrow again to this program as a way to write about the overall challenges. this program is singular in terms of its cost overruns, delays, and the way it has been structured. its most affected attribute the not be all of its radars and sensors and missiles and stealth technology and the ability to fight at supersonic speeds. it may well be the way it has been designed to evade budget cutters in washington. >> what is the difference between e f-35 and the f-22? 22 has had its share of technical troubles. the was supposed to be height and fighter. the replacement for the f-15. it is a real high performance fighter. it is meant to win against any potential adversary in dogfights. to have fewer f-22 and then you would have more of the f-35. , forwould be the mainstay the n
Apr 9, 2013 6:00am EDT
with the navy. as we draw down from afghanistan the navy will release combatants and and and chile -- and eventually carriers and reconnaissance and their associated processing capabilities. already signals reconnaissance aircraft have moved to centcom to paycom. the navy will release fire scuds from afghanistan and several aircraft are available for reappointment. in addition, navy pier 3 has conducted surveillance in the middle east for the past decade and will return. the navy is also adding a forward-deployed naval force to guam in this fiscal year 2013. the navy shifting overall posture to the asia-pacific region in such a manner as secretary panetta announced last year, resulting in 60 percent of the naval assets being assigned to the region by 2020, a substantial and historic shift. the navy is accomplishing this in three main ways. first, the navy will be permanently basing four destroyers in spain to provide ballistic defense to european allies. previously this was performed by 10 destroyers that rotated the u.s. to the mediterranean. the six destroyers that will not be re
Apr 13, 2013 2:00am PDT
for the navy. i lacked at his bay oh in the program, educated in georgia and he's had a great career in the navy commanding several hospitals, winning several awards and his most recent command was as the commander of walter reed, and i was so glad that he was here to hear the panel that we had with our medical peer to peer exercise. and he's going to talk to us now about navy medicine. with that, please help me welcome vice admiral matthew nathan. (applause). >> thank you, general, very much. well, it's a pleasure here and i'm honored to be able to speak in front of such a distinguished audience. secretary schultz, mrs. schultz, pleasure it see you and you lend tremendous gaffe tas to this program. general spees, distinguished flag officers, general officers and mostly everybody here who is in the readiness business, i am honored to be speaking to a group of people and that would include i think everybody in this hanger deck who is part of that cadre of individuals who when bad things happen and everybody runs out, your job is to run in. it doesn't get better than this coming out
Apr 20, 2013 9:45pm EDT
that is to be used by the air force, the navy and the marine kerp. it's the replacement for the f-16 for the air force, for a number of other planes for the marines and navy. supposed to be our new, advanced, all-purpose fighter jet. it was a plane that was supposed to be in the skies fighting now. still in development. it's an incredibly troubled program. it's a program that has gone tens of billions of dollars over budget and i burrowed into this program as a way to write about the overall challenges of trimming the defense budget because this program is in some ways singular in terms of its cost overruns and delays and the way it's been structured to, as i write in the piece, its most effective defensive attribute may not be its ray dars and sensors and missiles and stealth technology and ability to fly at supersonic speeds, it may well be the way it's designed to evade budget cutters in washington. >> more sunday at 8:00 on c-span's "q & a." the national action network recently held its annual convention in new york city. in one session, three generations of civil rights leaders discuss the
Apr 9, 2013 8:00pm EDT
in congress. later, senator john mccain on the effective sequestration on the navy and the navy's role in the g.o. political hot spots. >> senator rob portman of ohio who was white house director under george w. bush spoke about president obama's release of the budget. and his support of gay marriage. due to technical difficulties this is a 30-minute portion of wednesday's politico breakfast. >> when the president releases his budget tomorrow, is it important for him to say these entitlement cuts that are baked in there are there because they are the right thing to do. he's been saying so far, look a what i've done for republicans. does his party know this is the right thing to do? >> absolutely. he has the mega phone. individual members of congress have a role to play. i had a town hall meeting yesterday where i talked about this issue and talked about the realities of not dealing with it. >> so you're going to look for him to say what? >> look to him to explain to the american people we have to address this problem to preserve these programs. second, he has to provide, only he can do
Apr 10, 2013 7:00am EDT
it in its current state. so tal i talked to secretary ofe navy and secretary of defense, and the program was canceled. before i did that i sat with my team and i said, okay, this does not meet the requirement for surface born vehicle goes away. that is part of our character. it's a core competency for our nation. so we have to have that. so let's look at how we would design it and when it will come in. this was 2010, ladies and gentlemen. i was told by the acquisition field that it would be 2023 before i would have a vehicle that would be what we call ioc, initial operation capable. think about that, 13 years to design a vehicle, do all the stuff you've got to do and then have it standard where you have a half a dozen of them say you can say i'm an ioc. we need to fix that. the last point i would make is, you said what do we do. i actually take that, i coined this phrase from the chairman, chairman dempsey. he says never allow a good crisis to pass that you can get in there and change bad behavior. and i think that's where we are. i think that's what you're alluding to. in other words, w
Apr 20, 2013 6:44am PDT
and the notification process was approximately 2 to 3 hours. we have expanded the capability in the navy, as i said earlier, and that allows for that rapid surge response which was put to the test in august. >> on this most recent lightning complex fire, it was a little bit different for us as far as what happened there. like cal fire wants to, just like we all do, is aggressively attack things. but we have the applicable policies and orders that really regulate us a little bit because it's got to meet certain thresholds and sometimes like in this last one, it was a remote fire, very small, but it didn't meet some of the thresholds initially but we postured and as soon as it crossed the line they were ready to attack it aggressively. those are challenges we have to work with as well but we're ready to provide that immediate response when necessary. >> we talked a little bit so far about training exercises but maybe from the navy perspective, the marine perspective, the national guard, what training exercises are you doing right now to integrate with cal fire or other local governments to make sur
Apr 2, 2013 8:00pm EDT
in afghanistan. >> navy psychologist hide can i kraft was deployed to iraq. she rode the book "rule number two: lessons i learned in a combat hospital." she spoke at this year's savannah book festival. >> dr. kraft received a phn clinical psychologist in 1996. during her psychology internship at drake medical center, she joined the navy as both an in-flight specialist and clinical psychologist. in february 2004, when her twins were 15 months old, she was deployed in iraq for seven months, with a marine surgical unit. her book, "rule number two," is about her experience in iraq. today she is a consultant for the navy and the marines ptsd, post traumatic stress disorder treatment programs. please become, dr. heidi squier kraft. [applause] >> well, good morning. so, i have been doing fair amount of speaking over the last few years, and i have to say that i'm quite certain this is my first talk in which the vice president warmed up the audience for me. it may not be the last, but it is the first. and i wish he was here to hear me say that and then their respectfully say, thank you, sir, for such a
Apr 9, 2013 7:00pm PDT
operation in the city. >>> u.s. navy pulls the plug on the blue angels, see what else is going to be missing this year. and a texas college of what authorities say p tonight about a man in custody. >>> the heat up will continue for wednesday, i will have a look out for what you can expect for your area, coming up. >>> strong winds something firefighters calling for extra help. a student livering in the home first reported a fire in the garage at about 4: 30 this morning. all people inside got outside safely. >>> now fully contained in the ventura county. a quickly spread due to high winds there. two homes were destroyed, and more than 100 others threaten. investigators were trying to figure out the cause of the fire but there is a cause of a power line down of the area. >>> it's all due to the federal bunlt cuts that too effect last month. the decision puts the entire annual event in jeopardy. >> to many people the blue angels is the greatest show. it's grounding them be mandatory budget cuts caus se question se question. >> ktvu spoke by phone today to the spoke woman for the blue angels. >
Apr 8, 2013 11:00pm EDT
. i'll start with the nay have -- navy. as we draw down from afghanistan the navy will be releasing naval surface combatant and carriers as well as navel intelligence surveillance reconnaissance, isr and the associated processing capability. already e p-3 signal reconnaissance aircraft have moved. the nayly will be releasing -- vehicles from afghanistan. and several electronic surveillance aircraft are available for redeployment. in addition navy p-3 a type of maritime patrol aircraft which have conducted surveillance mission in the middle east for past decade will return to pay come. and the navy is also adding a fourth forward-deployed navel force to guam in this fiscal year of 202015. the navy shifting overall it's posture to the asia-pacific region in such a manner as secretary panetta allowance -- announced last year resulting in 60% of the navel asset being ashined to the region by 2020 a substantial and historic shift. the navy's accomplishing this in three main ways. they will be permanently basing four destroyers in row to spain to provide ballistic missile defense. previou
Apr 8, 2013 5:00pm EDT
of the coast maritime marines on security and budget cuts. it was part of the navy league expo here in washington. it is about one hour, 20 minutes. >> good morning, everyone. panel. to this morning's first, i would like to say how pleased and honored i am to be able to moderate this panel this morning. i am usually not known for my moderation. .his is a great opportunity the older you get, the more new experiences you have. i was always told the first day that i was sworn in as secretary of the navy, never go to a ribbon-cutting unless you are cutting the ribbon. and today i broke the best role -- i broke that rule. nevertheless, it is a pleasure. it is a special pleasure. the navy league has never been more important to the country and to world security than it is today. as the great dr. johnson said, nothing concentrates the mind like the prospect of hanging. and today the senior leadership of our naval services really need our help of clear again and dialogue. this form is unique. as i look about today, and i saw earlier the quality of the people that we have attending from indu
Apr 18, 2013 5:00pm PDT
to accept his candidacy. >>> new u.s. navy combat ship, the uss freedom arrived in port in singapore on thursday. singapore will be the first country to accommodate the fleet of new american ships all quipped with advanced radar systems. it is viewed as part of the u.s. military effort to keep china's escalating maritime advancement in check. nhk reports. >> reporter: the uss freedom is also known as a total combat ship. it is designed to operate in shallow waters close to shore, making it effective where other combat ships cannot engage. the ship measures 118 meters long by 17 meters wide and can accelerate to more than 70 kilometers per hour in two minutes. the uss freedom is capable of functions ann tie submarine functions anti-submarine operations and mine sweeping. the u.s. plans to station up to four of these ships in singapore. >> mainly, our navy has really focused in more the blue water area. further out to sea. and we've had somewhat a seem in our ability to locate close to land. >> reporter: the vessels are equipped with advanced radar systems. the ships are capable of car
Apr 24, 2013 6:00am PDT
a plan to expand their navy. they deployed their first aircraft carrier last september, raising concerns among neighboring nations about a military buildup. now, a senior naval officer says another carrier is coming. the state-run xinhua news agency quotes the deputy chief of staff of the navy as saying the next carrier will be larger and accommodate more fighter jets. he said the navy will also acquire more j-15 jets. he said one carrier would be able to support at least two aviation regiments. song did not say when the new carrier will be built. he denied media reports that it's already under construction in shanghai. china has been reinforcing its navy to back up its territorial claims in the east and south china seas. >>> violence has erupted in western china between authorities and civilians. chinese state run media say the incident in the uighur autonomous region has left 21 people dead. a clash broke out on tuesday in kashgar. fighting began after local government officials reportedly discovered a suspicious group carrying knives. police rushed to the scene only from -- only for s
Apr 6, 2013 4:00am PDT
a was mentioned this morning. that was a fantastic piece of work by the navy. it turned around the attitudes of niche a toward the united states. it was a the kind of building block we look for in an economic and security commons. just as when we in san francisco see not only what the military can bring to the party and help us with, not only how we can interact with the military, but also we say to ourselves, it's also up to us to do everything we can for ourselves. we're not kind of an outfit, it's easier for them to collaborate with us. so, all of these things are important to us as we have these exercises. so, i say this is a very worthwhile enterprise that will keep going. i tip my hat to my friend mike who really has been leading us in these efforts. and now i say as also the slogan, i guess you call it this morning, maybe it's what the navy says. i think it's a very good phrase. a global force for good. that's what we've been practicing, a global force for good. thank you. (applause) >> thank you, sir. thank you. thank you very much, sir. (applause) >> and for all of you, tomorrow we'
Apr 20, 2013 1:44am PDT
in our, on our navy and marine corps side we're quite used to. it would be important to try, that's maybe another training thing we want to work on, that we collaborate and understand we're using the same system because we don't want to create two systems of triage within the city. that's a good way to create more chaos than there might ordinarily be. >> i'd like to follow-up on one of the things that was mentioned about the walking wounded. one of the things that came up after yesterday's after action group was this concept of different patient groups. in the military you have a fairly healthy soldier that you are going to be providing aid to. in san francisco we have young, we have old that have much more complex issues that you may need to deal with. given your capabilities, how would you address that? >> it's a significant concern although it may be a little bit artificial in that we do, our doctors and surgeons and nurses do take care of a wide number of population groups outside of active duty military either at their mtf's or in other previous medical care and disasters we hav
Apr 20, 2013 3:44am PDT
or in the active components of the marines or the navy and we need to sort through that so we can better respond. with that also will come changes that may need to be statutory changes so we can better accept the title 10 forces in particular the reserve forces. it is very frustrating during fire season when our black hawk helicopter company flying its rotors off down in los alamedos is sitting on the same ramp as army reserve helicopters we can't access because of staff problems and other issues we're going to have to work through to fight those same fires, those are the kind of things we'll probably have to take back to our elected leadership and change -- make some changes to be able to better serve the people. >> i was at chief sur, and i was glad to hear him say that we really rely on the communities to be their responder for the first 72 hours. this topic of community resiliency is played out in the highest level of government. certainly when i traveled with craig fugate doing national services, the earthquake last year, they get it during an exercise environment, but how is that going to
Apr 2, 2013 11:00pm EDT
hospital. and military leaders then talk with navy snipers on their careers. >> we must take back media. the media is most powerful institution on earth. more powerful than any bond or missile. it is an idea that explodes onto the scene. we need to be able to hear people speaking for themselves. outside the box. we cannot afford the status quo anymore. from global warming to other topics. >> amy goodman taking your calls and e-mails and tweets. three hours live at noon eastern on booktv on c-span2. >> the transportation security administration faces lawsuits over its air airport screening procedures this is an hour and 20 minutes. >> good afternoon, everybody. i am jim harper, director of information policy studies here at the cato institute. i'm so pleased to welcome you here today to talk about all of the ways that the government infringes on travel. we only talk about the major ways that they do. so today will be to different but related issues of the government and travel. first, we will hear from edward hasbrouck. when i saw him give this presentation at the brennan center for just
Apr 6, 2013 9:00am EDT
was asked by the navy to provide metrics for their return on investment for -- this is where we get into differentiation between training and education. there's a real -- pushes people, high number of people to get their degrees in technical engineering fields. understandable when they're flying planes and operating nuclear reactors on submarines. when going to washington that is not what they're going to be doing any more. the military unfortunately doesn't differentiate between training and the education and in some cases they are governed by the same training education commands. give us metrics for what can we do, how can we do it better, how can we do it faster? education is not something we do quickly. it is something we need time to read a book and think about. we are fighting a battle over what we are referring as calendar white space. any day that doesn't have something on the calendar is considered a wasted day. when you a dealing with the navy the party thinks any day not on a ship is a wasted day that is a problem. it is important to have time to read, synthesized, semina
Apr 21, 2013 1:00pm EDT
've had instances where i have two individuals from the navy, one in aviator, one a submariner sitting next to each other like someone talking from buyers to somebody from jupiter. they have no idea what the other does or what their world is like. if i want them to fight as a joint military for a variety of reasons, capabilities and economics, we need them to understand each other and this would not be available in just any program anywhere. the war colleges are important. we have to do a better job. at first i been doing since been something i've been encouraging based on personal experience. they hear a lot of things and a lot of powerpoint slides. either way, one of the most -- one of the bleakest days was sitting in on a presentation from a three-star admiral who made the comment about ready religious strappado goldplating out of our curriculum and when admit, a very sad looking captain turned and said we just told not to excel? i was a few years ago. laster at a phone call from someone on the navy staff who said you know, dr. johnson-freese, we'd like your -- we need stories. we j
Apr 16, 2013 5:00pm EDT
canceled seven combat center training rotations, the navy has canceled ship deployments. air force has stood 12 combat-coded squad rons, not to mention potential civilian furloughs for up to 14 days all due to sequestration and i hope you can translate that into the real world for us, including what that means in terms of readiness and force posture. we'll continue to wrestle with these issues with you. i'm very happy and pleased to see during the fiscal 2013 c.r. that we were able to include the full year defense and veterans -- milcon and veterans bills, giving you some much needed flexibility in funding for d.o.d. past three years we worked across the aisle, across the capitol demonstrating the commitment of members and staff alike to restore regular order and it's my goal to continue that process in fiscal 2014, with an eye of looking out for our men and women holding the line on our security. we have some very tough choices ahead for us and you and i appreciate your commitment to doing what we have to do to control the spending and also to maintain that readiness. thank you, mr. c
Apr 9, 2013 5:00pm PDT
of a popular tradition is up in the air. the navy announced it's grounding the blue angels because of mandatory budget cuts. ken is live in the city with how much we stand to lose here. >> reporter: the navy notified the city that the blue angels will not fly over san francisco this week. fleet week itself is in danger of cancellation. to many people the blue angels are the greatest show. the navy announced it's grounding them because of mandatory budget cuts because of sequestration. >> it was a good show of the american military. >> reporter: the navy is canceling their shows nationwide. the angels are going to be here october 12 and 13. ktvu spoke the the spokes woman. >> it can be no cost to the government. that unfortunately mean it is blue angels will no longer be allowed to fly. >> are the navy doesn't plan to >> doc: battle ships either. the mayor's office says they're meeting with fleet weaker nicers to see what can be salvaged. >> it's a great chance to attract a lot of visitors. the estima
Apr 13, 2013 12:00am PDT
of command are critical in anything that we do. what better way to showcase what our united states navy and our marine corps, our sea-going services, bring to the table in an emergency response, but recognize that they also have another mission to do, macon island just came off a 7-month deployment, this is an era when we're pivoting to the pacific. the ring of fire is also in the pacific. over 35,000 on average fatalities a year over 35 billion dollars worth of damage and we see that year in and year out with tsunamis of catastrophic proportions. today the coast guard is dealing with the debris from that tsunami as it comes ashore here in the state waters as well. just it close on admire beeman's remarks, i think it's critical not just the work here at seminar but over a cup of coffee exchanging business cards because at the end of the day it's the partnerships that mufrt endure at time of crisis. thank you to the macon island for this show of force during this third fleet week. >> i'd like to bring up the mayor of the great city and county of san francisco. what a difference he's ma
Apr 8, 2013 10:00pm PDT
a lobbying campaign on capitol hill. >>> the u.s. navy is about to go to sea with a new kind of weapon. a laser. and it could be a game changer. cbs news reporter, david martin, gives us a closer look at it. >> you can't see the laser beam, but that's what is hitting this unmanned drone. burning into it like a blow torch. the beam was fired from a u.s. navy destroyer. >> this will be the first real word deployment of directed energy weapon. >> according to rear admiral, chief of naval research, it will be deployed in the persian gulf where iron iranian speedboats harass u.s. navy ships. >> if we have to provide some type of weapon system, this will be the system. >> this is what the laser can do to a motor. the beam is able to stay on its target despite the bobbing of the waves. turn down the power and it can fire a warning shot or blind a spy camera trying to take pictures. >> we can dazzle that sensor and degrade it completely. we can almost turn it off. >> laser won't work against high speed targets, and bad weather can distort the beam. but it cost $40 million to develop and
Apr 9, 2013 11:30am PDT
the navy to scrap all blue angel seos for the rest of the year. good morning, i'm cheryl jennings. >> kristen: i'm kristen sze. they do have their critic in san francisco but they have been a huge boom to businesses. live on the embarcadero with more on this developing story. fleet week is still happening without the star attraction? >> reporter: so far so good but not with the blue angels. you know how painful it is for aviation enthusiasts. you can blame the sequester as you said. the pentagon has to deal with budget cuts because of it and it looks like entertainment will be the first to take a hit. the navy says all the performances are cancelled. so no f-18 fighters streaking through the skies. the squadron will stay in pensacola, florida and fly just enough to stay proficient and safe. san francisco business depends a lot on the revenue generated by fleet week and blue angel performances and organizers say they will take a hit. >> a lot of people will come out saturday morning is the parade of ships. that i don't know about it. we may not get a parade 6 ships. that will be th
Apr 17, 2013 5:30am PDT
pyeongchang. >> china's navy is stepping up patrols around the secaucus islands which lie between the mainland and japan. this comes as taiwan held live firing drills of its western coast. now this report. islands.u >> chinese naval ships are conducting patrols around the disputed islands and it's likely to be worrisome to the japan and taiwan. the chinese navy entered the region on tuesday night to conduct open sea defense and offense training. wednesday's patrol was the third such tour carried out by the chinese navy since the islands were recently purchased by the japanese government, igniting the ongoing tensions. withatrol also coincided the annual live fire drills by taiwan's military of islands facing china. the taiwanese president said that the island must strengthen its defense forces if it is to maintain stability with china. >> in recent years, due to china opposed yearsboom, it has built its military and arms, bus facing such a threat, we must build our army in order to maintain peace across the strait. >> the drill is the largest annual exercise in taiwan. it simulates a response
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